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"I was born to be me"

The Designer

“I was born to be me”... This is the saying I always repeat. My ‘me’ has been through processes and upheavals however I am me and I have no other choice but to be me.
I was born on January 4th, 1971 in Israel.
During high school, I used to "steal" the old clothes of my grandmother and my mother... or those found at the flea market in Jaffa, and renovate them to make my own unique wardrobe.
My various outfits in the 80’s often bred angry responses, and raised eyebrows because the vintage look was rare during this time and I was thrown out of class more than once when I refused to be like everybody else and wear uniforms.
During my military service, most of which was in Bethlehem, I developed specifically pacifist views which really laid the groundwork for the peaceful person I am today.
After the army, I traveled around the world for extended periods of time, while the discovery of what was different, other, natural, cultural and unusual shaped me and became an integral part of who I am.
My residence in Japan for 6 months greatly influenced my design approach as minimal and geometric, with influences from other cultures using vivid colors, combining different prints and materials together.
Later on, I spent four years studying design in Tel Aviv.
Although I always knew I would become a fashion designer, it was precisely while I was in school that I found myself designing with unconventional materials, and after a year of studying fashion, I switched my field of study to product design.
My work was displayed in many exhibitions and in the book of “contemporary Israeli design 2004”.
At the peak of my work, I was hospitalized several times because of debilitating migraines...
These events caused me to make a drastic change in my fast-paced lifestyle and led me to connect to my sources – the spiritual world. I searched for a balanced way of living while fulfilling my dreams.
Later, I decided to take a quantum leap and I left my life in Israel. I left everything behind at nearly 40 years old and I started a new life in Milan, Italy. I decided to fulfill my lifetime dream to design in a country where everything is designed with the finest detail.
Despite industrial globalization, I take a firm stand as a designer who is unwilling to compromise on quality in favor of quantity. I live and manufacture all my products in Milan. Everything I produce is 100% handmade by the finest craftsmen.
I draw my inspirations from wandering the streets, photos I produce on a daily basis and a wide world mixed with material and soul.
To me, highlighting the individual and unique expression are the most important things in this era in which the individual is often crushed by advanced technologies. I see a need to strengthen the values in fashion for the human race.
At the same time, I work at empowering people and developing social projects.
I believe that anything is possible and that there is room in this world for cooperation, especially in business.
Relationships based in love and non-competition create more and more prosperity and will allow us all to live life with our rights to respect and dignity.

Previous Projects

“It is said about me as a designer”:

You are the most creative and generous person that I know. Since childhood, fashion and design were the most interesting hobbies of yours and you always made sure to learn about and understand how designers operate, market and follow global trends. Your vision has always been broad, and touched not only the product itself but the environment in which it is produced and the people who will use it.
This vision is essential for a contemporary designer, in a world of  limited resources with the understanding that humans are not machines and should be treated respectfully as they are the ones whom will be using your products. You utilize this vision in everything you do.
In addition, it is important for you to bring people closer together, and you’re willing to break barriers and cross the line in order to change former prejudices and reduce hatred and alienation and bring peace and love to the world.
This is an added value in your work and it is felt by those who consume it. What you do is highly personal and whoever purchases your work can feel the personal attention.
It's your uniqueness combined with tons of energy, your personal determination along with your readiness to study and learn that keeps you young and always relevant...

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A huge heart that connects health with the hands of designers with love and precision of products that empower those who are lucky to use them

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